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Be Aware

Our Heavenly Father alone knows for sure
When itís time for the Lordís Second coming.
One will be taken, but they will remain
Who refused to obey what heís saying.

Beware when the time comes, you cannot be late.
If you sleep past the time you will remain.
Who believes in Christ Jesus is raptured away.
Others will face the anguish and distress.

Be aware! The Lord is coming, He is coming!

The power of Antichrist grows day by day
Still believers fail to seek their Father.
We donít have time for prayer,
We donít want to read,
What exactly is said in the Bible.

He can use all your talents and make dreams come true.
Our own ambitions are changed to match his.
He knows whatís best for us when we have no clue.
His plans are way beyond our knowledge.

Take your stand, come and serve Him.
He wonít let you down.
He will use you if your heart is open.

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